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From Principalís Desk

Itís my eternal pleasure to welcome blissfully all the aspirants School of Pharmacy, Desh Bhagat University. The department is dedicated entirely to teaching and research in pharmaceutical sciences with the object of imparting quality pharmacy education in India. In order to meet the new age demands, the institute is continuously upgrading the facilities and infrastructure especially the laboratories, boosts some of the finest equipment available in the profession of pharmacy.

Our vision is to provide cutting-edge pharmacy training to our students to facilitate their overall growth and development so that become proficient pharmacists on whom we can feel proud. We strive to improve public health through excellence in the practice and training of pharmacy.

The faculty boasts of highly qualified and experienced teachers and the department has a very conductive academic environment. Adequate emphasis is laid on the development of an overall personality of the students for which co-curricular and extra- curricular activities are held from time to time in the Institution. Our students are continuously gaining recognition in various facets of the profession and are making their family, institution and the society proud. I hope they continue to strive harder and perform better in the years to come to complete with the current needs in pharmaceutical industry.

As the Principal of this institution, I anticipate the full participation and cooperation





Sh. B.D. Dhiman